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PT Pariwara founded by Didi O. Affandi on 27 October 1978. Our first project was the production of billboards, monuments, information boards, direction board, map kits, and souvenirs for the participants in the 25th Asian-African Conference in Bandung, Indonesia.

As time goes by, our business continuously growing and became one of the leading OOH advertising company in Indonesia. In 2006, Didi O. Affandi handed the leadership relay baton to his son, Putra Fajar.

In August 2015, Putra Fajar left Pariwara to pursue his dream. After Putra left, Pariwara appointed Catura Pasha as their new CEO, also Putri Kallista as CFO and last is Reno Ramadhan as CMO. They are continuing the Affandi’s Legacy in Pariwara.

As they stepped forward to the company, they take Pariwara to a whole another level. As the culture of advertising shifting in Indonesia, Pariwara transform into a 360 Services Advertising Agency while OOH still going to be the main playground. Pariwara already prepared for the future of creative and innovative advertising.