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We have more than 30 years of experience in Indonesia outdoor advertising industry to help you find the best way to build your brand. Together, we discuss what the best outdoor campaign for your brand and where the best spot across country or city to execute the idea.


Legal aspect probably the most tiresome issues in doing business in Indonesia. But no worries, we have a credible team to deal with it. Just have a seat and let us take care of the legal aspect, licensing, and advertisement tax.


We’re not only place the advertisement in outdoor media, but also build it. Our production partners are qualified and certified expert in construction. We deliver best quality out of home advertising media at reasonable price to realize your creative idea.



We’re committed to keep your promotion material always looks good. Routinely, we check over the visual material, construction, lightning, and electrical. If there any damage, we fix it immediately with no extra charge. Yes, no extra charge.



Being creative is not only considers how to looks cool and different, creativity will be more meaningful if it offers solution and benefit to the society. Our creative team will help you design the meaningful creative concept and promotion material.


Media Placement

As a pioneer in Indonesia out of home advertising industry, we’ve build a wide network to media owner across the country. We can provide you selection of strategic location to place your promotion in any out of home advertising media.


1. FREE visual media installation if:
· Visual media yet published in 2 x 24 hour after visual approval and purchase order received.
· Lights out or wrinkled visual media not repaired in 2 x 24 hour after complaint received.
2. 50% DISCOUNT visual media installation if:
· Visual report not received in 2 x 24 hour after visual media installation.
· Not received monthly documentation report (only for premium location).
3. BILLBOARD INSURANCE during the contract period.